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Passion for Technology - Java and J2EE expert in Frankfurt



Solution Provider

I help my client's to overcome the challenges they face on complex J2EE projects. These challenges typically include:  

  • Developing systems on J2EE platforms for all very common application servers  
  • Aligning the enterprise's J2EE skills with its technical needs
  • Leveraging testing processes that build quality and reliability into every line of code
  • Sharing proven best practices for J2EE development across the organization  
  • Rapidly delivering a satisfactory Return On Investment (ROI) to business and technical leaders  
  • Project automation which saves time and money while ensuring consistent and repeatable build, test, release, and deploy procedures
  • Test-Driven Development for eliminating debugging time, minimizing re-work, and improving design and code quality

In summary, I provide organizations with the capabilities, practices, and services that are essential to success on complex J2EE projects and build better software, faster.

Emerging Technologies

I see the advantages of emerging technologies and advanced approaches to software development and integration. This is especially true in J2EE where the business and technical advantages are clear. I work with my clients to define strategies that leverage the benefits of this new technologies while minimizing exposure and my clients appreciate this.

My passion for new technologies is balanced by an unflagging pragmatism: I am commited to building quality systems and delivering solutions that create clear and measurable value for my clients.


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